Degree In Ministry

Doctor of Divinity and Theology

Have you served as a minister, pastor or member of a pastoral team for four or more years with any church or religious organization?

Bible Study Degree (Photo)

If so, you are eligible to be awarded a degree honoris causa from Laurel College as part of a program developed in cooperation with independent churches and faith-based organizations in the United States, Canada and Europe, and the American Council of Wedding Officiants.

This degree honors your professional experience and commitment to your craft as a church leader, minister, pastor, officiant and/or celebrant, and includes a separate honors certificate and letter of conferment.

ELIGIBILITY: Minimum two years of verifiable fulltime service as a minister, pastor, officiant and/or celebrant in any denomination. Available to honorees in all countries worldwide. Degree recipients may be nominated by their church, religious organization or themselves.

An honoree is only eligible for a degree level that has been attained or surpassed; for example, an honoree with five years of experience is eligible for a Bachelors degree (minimum four years experience). Upon attaining additional experience, previous honorees may advance to the next advanced level of degree honoris causa. Eligibility is subject to verification.

PROCESSING FEE: Varies, depending upon degree level attained.

DELIVERY: Your honors degree packet, which includes a personalized honoris causa diploma and letter of conferment, will be shipped to you via standard USPS First Class Mail in the United States. Priority, Express and International delivery is available at an additional charge.

PAYMENT METHODS: All major credit and debit cards are accepted. We also welcome payment via PayPal (including e-check option).

PLEASE NOTE: Read all instructions carefully and double-check the spelling and accuracy of all information that you enter. Laurel College Administration is not responsible for errors or incorrect information.

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Degree Eligibility

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Associate of the Arts (A.A.Min.) Honors Degree $39 (Prerequisite: minimum two years service.)

Bachelor of the Arts (B.A.Min.) Honors Degree $49 (Prerequisite: minimum four years service.)

Master of the Arts (M.A.Min.) Honors Degree $59 (Prerequisite: minimum eight years service.)

Doctor of Divinity (D.D.) Honors Degree $69 (Prerequisite: minimum twelve years service.)

NOTE: If you received a discount voucher from your church or religious organization, please enter the VOUCHER CODE when completing your purchase.

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