Wedding Officiant and Ceremonial Minister Ordination

The State of Tennessee's new law governing ordination, which went into effect on July 1, 2019, does not affect Marriage Officiants ordained through us. Our ordination procedure exceeds the requirements in all state and local laws in Tennessee, and remains valid and accepted throughout the entire state. Learn more.

How To Perform A Marriage Ceremony In Tennessee

Tennessee Marriage Minister Ordination (image) How do you get ordained to perform wedding ceremonies for your friends and family in Tennessee? Getting ordained is simple, legal, inexpensive and takes just a few minutes! Get started.

Minister ordination for Tennessee includes authorization to legally perform all of life's celebrations, including marriage ceremonies (weddings), baby blessings (baptism), house blessings, re-commitment ceremonies (vow renewal), memorials (funerals), handfasting, and other rites and rituals.

Ordination as a Marriage Officiant and ceremonial minister complies with all state and local laws in Tennessee and is valid and accepted throughout the United States and everywhere around the world!

The laws in Tennessee make it unnecessary for persons performing marriage ceremonies to file their credentials with any state or local agency, but you must hold a current and valid minister's license  to perform such rites; in addition, you must present your credentials to any legal authority and/or the parties to the marriage upon their request.

In Tennessee, ordination or investment by the Church gives each clergy member the authority to perform the marriage rite. Tennessee and local officials in the state are removed from any responsibility for verification of minister credentials. Tennessee does not maintain a central registry of members of the clergy, and you are not required to undergo any specific formal training.

Not a resident of Tennessee? Tennessee does not restrict legally ordained non-resident Marriage Officiants from performing wedding ceremonies anywhere in the state.
Ordination Fee: We offer low-cost ordination that is valid and accepted throughout the United States, including Tennessee, for a nominal fee that covers our basic printing costs, which is generally a fraction of how much you can earn by performing just one ceremony!
All state-required forms and documents are included in all packages. In addition, any fees paid may be tax-deductible as a work-related expense. (Consult with your tax professional for more information.)
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Get Legally Ordained In Tennessee:

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Please select your preferred ordination package. All ordination levels permit you to perform marriage ceremonies anywhere in Tennessee.

Each ordination level complies with all state and local laws and is accepted throughout Tennessee for resident and non-resident Marriage Officiants. Prices shown in US dollars (US$).

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Single-Ceremony Tennessee Basic Ordination Package $10.95

Includes personalized ordination certificate, Tennessee marriage law guide and all forms and documents required to perform one marriage ceremony anywhere in Tennessee.

5-Year Unlimited Tennessee Ordination Package $28.95

10-Year Unlimited Tennessee Ordination Package $42.95 (Best Value)

Includes personalized ordination certificate, letter of good standing, minister credential ID card, Tennessee marriage law guide and all required forms and documents. Complete ordination permits you to perform an unlimited number of ceremonies in Tennessee and most U.S. and international locations without restriction during your ordination term.
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