Minister and Officiant Ordination Renewal

$24.95 every 4 years

Time To Renew Your Ordination Term?

Is your license as a ceremonial minister expiring? First Nation Ministry makes it simple to renew your ordination term and enable you to continue serving as a licensed and ordained minister and certified Marriage Officiant.

Renewal includes a four-year extension of your minister’s license, plus a complete updated credentials package with ordination certificate, letter of good standing, ID card and current marriage law guide for your primary location.

Renew Your Ordination Term:


Your First Nation Ministry ordination renewal package includes updated documents required to legally perform all of life’s celebrations, including marriage ceremonies (weddings), vow renewals, memorials (funerals), baptism (baby welcoming) and other common rites.

Ordination renewal does require you to remain in good standing with First Nation Marriage Ministry and be in continued compliance with the Officiant’s Code of Professional Ethics.

PLEASE NOTE: This package is only available if you have received basic or complete ordination and require the renewal of your license. If you have not requested your basic or complete ordination package yet, please click here.


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