Massachusetts Marriage Officiant Ordination (Image)

Each year, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts conducts an audit of Wedding Officiant registrations, which means that we also must go through our ordination records and update the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s Commissions Section.

Massachusetts Wedding Minister Ordination (Image)The purpose of this process is, in essence, to “weed out” inactive Wedding Officiants from the Commonwealth’s database.

The process is slow because we have to contact hundreds of our licensed ministers and ceremonial Officiants to confirm whether or not they are still active. Quite a few are still active, but have failed to update their contact information with us.

How can you help? If you are both (1) ordained through us and (2) based in Massachusetts, please contact us and let us know that you’re still active. That expedites our reporting to Massachusetts and keeps you in good standing.

If you are unsure if your ordination and license are up to date, please check your ordination documents – if your ordination term has expired, you can quickly and easily renew your license by clicking here.

(Not sure if your license has expired? Contact uswe can quickly check and let you know!)

Keep in mind that your Massachusetts-based ordination permits you to perform an unlimited number of marriage ceremonies throughout the United States without restriction.

If you aren’t currently ordained and want to perform weddings in Massachusetts, we offer low-cost, professional-grade ordination that complies with all state and local laws and is valid and accepted for ceremonies throughout the Commonwealth.

To learn more about becoming ordained to perform marriage ceremonies for your friends and family in Massachusetts, please click here.



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