Wedding Ceremonies During COVID-19 Coronavirus (Image)

We’re guessing that you’re reading this from the comfort of your home right now. Chances are that if you had a wedding ceremony planned for this weekend, or next weekend or the weekend after that, the unwanted visitor known as the coronavirus has put your plans on ice.

If you’ve planned for months to have your marriage ceremony now, you may have found that churches, hotels, banquet halls and restaurants are cancelling your reservations, and many ministers and professional Officiants are also begging out of performing ceremonies due to the COVID-19 crisis.

In a growing number of locations, state and local governments are restricting gatherings to fewer than fifty, or twenty, or five or six – and they’re asking you to stay away from non-relatives completely until the coronavirus pandemic recedes.

Wedding Ceremonies During COVID-19 Coronavirus (Image)

The cancellations are affecting weddings big and small, from royal princesses to everyday people who have been waiting for months to tie the knot.

But what if you have your marriage license in hand, and the clock is ticking on its expiration in a week or two?

If the issuing clerk’s office hasn’t extended the expiration date on your marriage license, there are things you can do, including having a family member – a parent, cousin, aunt or uncle – perform your ceremony for you.

Yes, it’s not the dream wedding ceremony that you’ve wanted, but you can have a simple marriage ceremony now, then have your grand, glorious event for everyone else in a month (or two or three) when the current situation is in our rear-view mirror.

What’s the first step?

If you want to have your wedding now or in the next week or two and your chosen Officiant is unable or unwilling to perform the ceremony, it is perfectly legal to have a family member serve as your Officiant, if he or she becomes ordained in accordance with your state’s laws.

If he or she isn’t ordained, the process only takes a few minutes, and the fee is small. And don’t worry – the laws regulating who can serve as an Officiant in nearly every state are not restrictive, and few states have a complicated education and training component.

We can take care of the ordination quickly and easily – simply click here and select the state where you live. (That’s where, hopefully, you’ve obtained your marriage license, and it’s where you’ll be conducting your ceremony.)

We’ll take care of the rest. If you’re in a super hurry, you can request a PDF copy of the ordination credentials, which we will send over ASAP via email.

The ordination credential packet (as well as the PDF, if you order one) will include complete instructions for the Officiant, a sample ceremony script, and other information to help guide everyone through the process.

 Need wedding advice during this troubling time? There is no better resource than

Again, we know it’s not what anyone wants, but it’s a solution – and we’re sure it’ll make a great story for your kids and grandkids in the future.

Regardless of your decision, stay safe, stay healthy – and we will get through this!

Have questions? Need help? We’re here for you! Please contact us for assistance today.

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